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more Klee stuff

Posted in creative practice, gear, research on 28/10/2009 by sync24

i got the parts kit yesterday for the Klee Sequencer, i need to start thinking about building it all now…
i’ll need a front panel, so have had a look around:
this vid has the bridechamber panel in designed by thomas white from here:
looks like a good panel designer.
oh, and here’s some important info about it:
tom bugz here too:


couple of new finds: sync24 shuffle, mc202 mod, + monome

Posted in gear on 24/10/2009 by sync24

first of all, a shuffle sync machine for my old roland sync24 stuff:
‘looks pretty much essential!
so i’ll probably go for the DIY kit.

staying with roland and kits:
i reckon it’s about time i started on the modular stuff with what i already own…
my mc202 is probably my least used synth, so treating it to a modular upgrade would give it added appeal!

still connected to roland boxes, i came across, a chap who’s made some crazy expander mods for 606s and 303s. well, i’m not bothered too much that he doesn’t do them anymore, but he does to front panels, and as he’s uk based i could get one sorted cheaply hopefully, for the next synth i make (if i go for the MFOS Sound Lab)

ok. different direction now.
a link for some Monome software:

oh, go on then, a couple more bits:
what drum machines did Big Black use?

Tom Bug – he’s ace!!!

finally, some festival that looked reasonable in Cov…

WSG mods and DIY sequencers:

Atari Punk Console stuff

Posted in creative practice, gear, research with tags , , , on 17/10/2009 by sync24

ok, after the joy of the WSG build i want to try a simpler build that doesn’t rely on buying a load of stuff from the states etc…
the Atari Punk Console looks perfect for this and i have a load of the correct IC chips from that teach yerself lectronics kit i bought and got bored of… it was a good purchase, just the projects are a bit dull, but as a starter kit of bits its ok.
anyway, here’s some links that i need to sift through to work out the best way of tackling things: (has some god links on this page too)
here it gets back toward kits, but there’s some videos showing good stuff:
more vids:

i’ve found a forum thread with a post showing the 2x 555 ic chip layout… i knew i didn’t have to much more than search for a while…

edit 8><

22nd oct.
made up a breadboard and ordered some potentiometers to complete it with but i couldn’t get it to work.
so i’m going to start a fresh one over the weekend as i have found some more links for a build… hopefully one i can make work.
the strip board layout on this page should be do-able:

woo, hotlink… hope i don’t get goatse’d…!

here’s some more links:


edit, 22Oct
managed to get some noise out of my APC this eve, ‘will do more and post more about that in due course.
anyway, i’ve been looking, again, on tinternet and found on ebay that Steve Stoll, US techno chap, makes and sells his own versions of APCs and some other guitar stomp box style things…
ebay: properboy
myspace: steve stoll

more (and i’ve almost had enough of the APC…): (this fella is partly the reason i’ve had enough, he’s doing a work shop somewhere in london and charging £130 for places.)

MFOS Weird Sound Generator BUILD!

Posted in creative practice, gear on 12/10/2009 by sync24

this weekend i decided it was time i built my MFOS WSG.
i’d also been waiting to borrow NPs soldering iron and Helping hands thingy.
NP brought them into work on friday and i went to Craplins on saturday to buy some little sidecutters and solder (more on the solder later…).
anyway, i’ve touched on the WSG before in this post: and it’d been sitting waiting for me to get started on it for a while since it arrived through the post.
i got the full kit with faceplate from Ray the MFOS to be sure i was going to manage ok and not mess up having to buy some other bits from somewhere else, this is my first synth build after all.

first thing i needed to do was get all the bits in bags soldered onto the little board:
i soldered on the chip holders and resistors first.
everything was fine, though it did seem to be taking a while to get everything hot enough with the soldering iron on full tilt…
i think the solder i bought from Craplins was too thick, so i set off on a mission around the flat to find some thinner stuff.
‘found some in my ziplock back of circuit bending bits n bobs, nice.
so, next came the capacitors:
job done with the big caps and slapped on the helpinghands so i could start connecting it up to the knobs…
i’d already sorted out the face plate so it was ready for soldering…
trying to connect everything together:
clear pic of the back of the faceplate:
and here it is with everything connected as it should be (including the two chips which i’d left out until the end):

now i could go and test it.
at 1am…
so i plugged it into my mixer and after a little bit of coaxing with the output socket, managed to get some noise!!!
there were a couple of strange things that puzzled me after all this:
1. the power stayed on all the time…
2. the output jack only worked if the jack was pushed in half way.
3. Voice Bs Unusual on/off switch felt like crap and didn’t seem to do anything…

so i went to bed, after watching You’re Welcome America with Will Ferrell!

anyway, i tested the power switch and its connection to the board with a volt meter and it seemed the switch wasn’t working right.
so i replaced it.
i also swapped the lead on the output jack to the 2nd one instead of the third (as indicated on the guide), so that worked properly.
finally i replaced the switch for Voice B and that put a big grim on my face!!
All working correctly, and it sounds brilliant!

this morning i have been out to get a little plastic suitcase thingy from work to mount the WSG into:
after a bit of measuring i made a paper template and stuck it to the case.
after some fierce cutting with my mate stanley i’d got the big hole sorted out.
next i drilled the four holes to screw the plate on and got it stuffed in:
i think it looks good, and i’m really pleased with the whole thing, the most soldering i’ve done before this is making audio cables and fiddling with a couple of Speak n Spells, so nothing much really.
Rays website has all the info you need really to complete this as a beginner!
this video was encouraging:
also, as i’m quite used to the traditional Roland analog synth layout on the SH09 etc, Rays names for things are great, but i don’t find them intuative enough, i need the real names of things..!
lucky, rather than me listening to the WSG and deciding whats what, someone had already asked the question here:
and there’s a pic posted of a WSG with the same basic layout at the faceplate from MFOS but with traditional names, happy days!

here’s my last pic of the beast today:
i need to make some noise with it now!!!

and find more things to buy and build, as this has really boosted my confidence.


Posted in creative practice, gear, research on 05/10/2009 by sync24

on sunday (4th oct), Tom M. took me to visit a mate of his who he’d mentioned a few times before who has ‘a table full of a load of mad gadgets’.
well, he did, and he and his partner were really nice too – they made a wicked spicy pasta lunch!

Dave Ross had some fantastic noise boxes hooked up to some Moog Murf filters and other stuff.
the main noise boxes (three of them), crowphonics quad things, were prototypes from Crowphonics who is now making the CRO-01, which i am really tempted by.
i played around with one hooked into a Moog Bass Murf, a pedal i’d seen before, but didn’t really know anything about…
the Murfs have filters and ‘animations’ which shift the different filtered sound from speaker to speaker in one of 12 patterns creating kind of rhythms. i got it sounding real crazy! clicky and later a bit techno – which i did like but later DR made the comment that i was ready to go modular! something i really appreciated!!!
i told him about the Chua oscillator and said i’d let him know how i get on with any info about it, a bit more digging i guess and i’ll find his email address too…
ok, links:
DR – Twinkle 3 record:
couldn’t resist the stuff here:
which led me here:
and what about this genius!!!???:
some of this stuff makes me want to sell all my old Roland gear and get this stuff instead…
as we left, DR mentioned about the Chimera modular synth, a little patchable handheld machine:
its all more food for thought, i’m definatley sold on the modular noise thing. i’d like to get one of the crowphonic machines, i think with what i’ve spend already i cannot justify £200+vat and postage for the chimera… shame, it sounds crazy!
well, they all sound crazy….

oh, and i need to look through the muff forum linked from analogehaven…:
…and here’s some more chaos: – check out the drum machines with their photo cells!!!

four tiny drum machines from ALH84001 on Vimeo.

looks like a fair few people have gone through Handmade Electronic Music by Nicolas Collins

more Chua osc

Posted in gear, research on 03/10/2009 by sync24

i have been trawling again and found:
there appears to be a kit available and i have emailed to ask about getting one and if it’d be suitable to connect up to my synths somehow… (i could send a signal from it through my Pitch to Voltage rack synth – i think it’d sound pretty mental!)

there was also:
which has more info.

i found the links on the wikipedia page: