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Chua Oscillator

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Chua oscillators? In computer music journal


untitled 090909# & untitled 090909# B_RunnerJXvrsn

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these two tracks were made in response to the sleeve design i made up in photoshop.
the sleeve is made from scans from old, and nicely worn, record sleeves (human resource ‘dominator’ and black sabbath ‘we sold our soul for rock and roll’), and an image scanned from roger deans ‘views’ of the back cover from a uriah heep lp (p69).
here’s the finished image:

and here’s the first audio track, made into a video and posted on youtube:

i also posted a follow-up version with added synth washes, ‘untitled 090909# B_RunnerJXvrsn’.

…and i just bought my Gakken

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watch this video 🙂

nice blog from a chap who ordered two:

i’ve made myself a fake 12″ sleeve

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had fun yesterday, sat using photoshop and a scanner to create the pic below.
i used the back of a Uriah Heep lp sleeve from a Roger Dean book along with some fake damage from an Irdial house sleeve and a rough looking copy of Human Resource Dominator 12″ on R&S…
fake sync24 sleeve test 01

learning electronics – dead basic, like!

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i’ve just bought a Teach yourself Electronics kit from ebay that accompanies this website:
should be fun!

edit 7thSept
ok, here we go…
the package arrived today and before tea i made the first project – adummy alarm – an LED that flashes every 5 seconds.
anyway, here’s a pic of the kit and the completed first project (
kit1it’s all really simple stuff and is reminding me of the city and guilds analog electronics evening course i did in 1994…
i’m happy to be re-aquainting myself with all this, it’ll help when i have to build the bigger WSG and SoundLab projects from Music From Outerspace and the crazy Klee Sequencer…
anyway, update when i have done the next project: “Quiz” (

fake covers

Posted in creative practice, research on 03/09/2009 by sync24

have just been looking for fake sleeves for records and not really come up with much in the last 30mins…
apart from this:
this chap has made book covers out of record sleeve designs.
he links to: which is good and needs remembering here (as well as other places i have remembered it).
i also liked this:
as there are some good (strange) sleeve designs here

back soon!