After having looked for quite a while at different sequencer tools and having owned a couple of the older Roland analog sequencers, I do feel a need for some kind of solid (read Hardware!) sequencer again…
I used to own both a Roland CSQ-100 and CSQ-600, they were big (the 600 was almost the same size as the 808), but took in and played back a sequence of notes you keyed in from a synth. They could play to their own tempo or a clock tempo from a drum machine (a ‘hit’ on every 16 steps throughout a bar would trigger a note in the seq). I really like the way the older sequencers work where you have at least a pitch knob for each step, Numerology does this but it’s software (and I do have a copy of it, as mentioned else where I think…). In the past I have had this set up controlling the SH101 and SH09, with the Kenton Control Freak changing CV info over MIDI via the MPU101, with Numerology, but obviously the annoying part of this set-up is the MIDI element (I need to change MIDI channel on the Control Freak for different synths) and the virtual control, not enough REAL knobs to turn etc. I will be setting this arrangement up again as I recently installed the update on my MacBook and got it working again quite quickly. It will also run with software samplers and the various other blocks you can plug in to Numerology work nicley (from what I have seen from quick dabbles with it).

So, as some kind of solution (and I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place with this – money & non-existant hardware Vs MIDI control), and as an extension of this post, I have been researching different bits of hardware that I could try and buy…
Technosaurus Cyclodon is the nicest little one, I haven’t seen any for sale on ebay and haven’t looked elsewhere yet.
The post above has another one in one of the YouTube videos and I have just found out about yet another one, The Model 2 Klee Sequencer, here’s another page about it…
Anyway, without going on too much about it right now, I think (certainly in light of recent reading – Analog Days, Electronic Sound etc.) I should be looking at having a stab at making some kind of sequencer, at least from some kind of kit… I would like to make one of the Gakkens from this previous post, and hope that this will inspire some soldering.

Here’s the YouTube video I found the Klee in:

…and I think this website could be invaluabel:

oh dear, ‘just been reading through a couple of pages on the forum etc at the above site and the Klee sequencer will be available soon as a kit for $135 including postage…
I need to ask a few questions and have a think…!
here it is to buy:
and here’s the forum about it:

Intro to the Klee Seq:

techno Klee:

and then…

what are the other synths being controlled…?
they’re from here:
and it looks like there’s plenty of projects there to play with, here’s stage one!!!
and here’s a video:
damn, this is never ending…!

this chap has some good stuff and good links too:

here’s his youtube channel page:

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  1. […] (more on the solder later…). anyway, i’ve touched on the WSG before in this post: and it’d been sitting waiting for me to get started on it for a while since it arrived […]

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