synth & sound thoughts (a quicky)

I have been thinking about software synths and processors – paid-for (Reaktor) and free (Soundhack) and thinking about the generation of sound within the computer.

I know this is me getting a bit ahead of myself, but I think I need to make a note of it.

As was suggested and discussed with NC regarding photocell -> voltage control, for the sake of practicality (for installation etc, or to make something transport/transferrable), with Reaktor I could modify or build sound generators that then had some external controller data inputs via Arduino or something, to cause signal fluctuation etc. Obviously, this would be a pseudo analog version, but may be more workable with regards to show and installation submissions.

Regarding Soundhack, it’s a piece of freeware I enjoyed a number of years ago, along with Marcohack and Thonk (OS9 only), for processing sound files. None of them work in realtime, but that was also part of the fun.

I have also looked at things like the Roland MC303 and its variants, one or two of which use some kind of ibeam tracking thing to sense proximity to the machine itself. This is at a kind of amateur-ish dance music producer level (which is about right…), though the machines themselves are more expensive than I’d like to be investing.

I think the route of Reaktor + external sensors could be fun, a purchase could be on th cards.
I don’t think I’ll be buying one of the newer Roland MC machines, the better ones, with samplers, cost much more than I’d like to be spending.


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