Gakken & Gristleizer

Pure analog:
Gakken SX-150
gakken sx-150
A little analog synth kit that, by the looks of a couple of web searches, can be modded.
It looks like Chris Carter (TG) has been having fun with one, along with Mr Book (whoever he is…),
Mr Book has modded his a bit to add midi and an audio output, so there is probably scope for CV & Gate and maybe an audio input to a filter. This could then perhaps be set-up re previous NC discussion with additional control inputs such as phot-cells etc.
Make website:
google search:

Also, through my searching I came across stuff on Matrixsynth’s blog about the Gristleizer that Chris Carter (interview here) had for Throbbing Gristle back in the good old days. There’s links to a company that make replicas, plus the original article that showed how they were made…


I want one.

…however, I think building digital things will be easier than affording £200 for an analog effects box…
plus i’d like to spend about that on getting my old MC202 and SH101 modded to become as modular as they can be.
Link to one somebody made in Reaktor:

8>< snip!
i’ve been hunting stuff to do with the Gristlizer…
here’s some more pages:
a forum thread on Muffs modules where some one isn’t too impressed:
(but there is a video there and i think it sounds good – i think the main point being is that if you have a modular set-up this machine isn’t that amazing… i don’t have a modular set up, so it could be a worthy cause…).
anyway, here’s a thread on electro-music forum about a group buy:
additional infro from
schematic used in first post:

Need to addthis link where people are talking about building their Gristleizers (cos i bought a load of wrong bits…)

2 Responses to “Gakken & Gristleizer”

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